NetMiner Viewer has been released!
CYRAM Aug.21 12 6511
We are very pleased to announce that NetMiner Viewer was just released! NetMiner Viewer is a free software tool for exploring NetMiner data file (.nmf). NetMiner Viewer enables you to explore the data, report, outputs, network map and others which are included in the NetMiner data file. NetMiner users can use NetMiner Viewer to distribute their .nmf files for sharing their analysis results generated in NetMiner. Even if your fellows dont have NetMiner, they can share the results with you by downloading NetMiner Viewer for free from NetMiner website. Instead of sharing just the exported network map images or text files, you can share the dynamic results which can be experienced in NetMiner. NetMiner Viewer support various map operations as zooming, flipping, scaling, panning and navigation. With NetMiner Viewer, NetMiner users can share their analysis results with full experience. You can easily get NetMiner Viewer through NetMiner website for FREE. Please vist NetMiner website now! NetMiner Viewer : Download :
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NetMiner Viewer has been released! CYRAM Aug.21 12 6512
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